If you buy insurance on Illinois' Obamacare exchange, you're going to pay more.

Illinois' long-awaited 2017 Affordable Care exchange rates are expected to jump between 23 percent and 45 percent, according to figures released by the Illinois Department of Insurance on August 1.

State Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) said other costs are going up as well. 

"Out of pocket expenses go up; co-pays go up; drug co-pays go up," Syverson said. "All of the costs are going up in addition to the rates."

Syverson said those costs are increasing because fewer insurance companies are offering plans in the exchange and fewer doctors are accepting patients. 

The state's Department of Insurance said it hopes to negotiate smaller increases.

Syverson said the only "good" news is that most people won't pay the higher Obamacare prices. He is quick to note most people in Illinois get insurance through their jobs. 

The Department of Insurance said of the 13 million people in Illinois, 388,179 people were covered by exchange insurance last year.  Almost 3 million people are enrolled in Illinois' Medicaid plan.

"It's all driving to this perfect storm that has to be addressed," Syverson said. "It's not an easy solution to try and fix what was done. But if not, health care will become unaffordable for the middle class."


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