President Obama’s tour to gather support for his actions on immigration rolls through his home state.  Speaking at a Polish-American community center in Chicago, Obama defended his actions as lawful and necessary considering how the Republican-controlled House has refused to vote on a comprehensive immigration reform bill passed by the Senate. He says his executive actions are meant only as a temporary solution.

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“The day I sign a comprehensive immigration bill into law, then the actions I take will no longer be necessary,” Obama said. “But in the meantime, I’m going to do what I can to make this system work better. And in the meantime, Washington shouldn’t let disagreements over one issue be a deal breaker on every issue.”
Obama went on to say that Republicans in Congress shouldn’t attempt another government shutdown in response to his actions, but instead he recommended the same remedy from his televised speech last week: passing the Senate immigration bill.
Obama was interrupted during his speech by people upset that his actions didn’t go far enough. Obama responded by admitting there have been“significant numbers of deportations” during his presidency, but said that’s part of the reason he acted on the issue.
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