The tug-of-war for information over the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative continues.  The Quinn administration began the anti-crime program shortly before the 2010 election, but a state audit shows it misspent millions. The General Assembly’s Legislative Audit Commission has been conducting hearings, with another one scheduled for next month – just a few weeks before another election.
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State Rep. David Reis (R-Sainte Marie), a member of the commission, says he attempted – accompanied by an eDiscovery expert -- to inspect e-mail servers at the state's Department of Central Management Services, which has already turned over 2,000 e-mails.  Reis, who believes there is more to the story, was rejected, as CMS cited security and legal protections.
“It’s very important that we make sure we have all the e-mail, all the correspondence, any information that’s related to that,” Reis said, “so that when (the witnesses) come in to be questioned before the commission, that we have all of our information.”  As for the timing? “We found this out in February of 2011,” Reis responds.
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