Lawmakers heard testimony Friday about gun laws.  The hearing was part of the response to a federal court ruling throwing out the state’s ban on concealed-carry. The decision, which the Illinois attorney general’s office is still asking to have reconsidered, basically orders the state to pass a bill allowing concealed-carry by June.  At a hearing in Springfield earlier this week, a representative of the Cook County state’s attorney’s said the federal ruling does not apply to Illinois.
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That’s stunning to the National Rifle Association’s Illinois lobbyist, Todd Vandermyde.  “When you have the state’s attorney’s office saying a federal court of appeals decision on the unconstitutionality of a Illinois statute is advisory in nature, and they don’t have to follow it? Knock me over with a feather,” he said.  There has already been one bill introduced which would allow Illinoisans to carry a concealed weapon in public areas, including mass transit, with a permit.
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