Bringing more solar and wind power to Alton may be a little more complex that originally thought.  A text amendment to the zoning ordinance to regulate the usage and placement of solar panels and wind turbines within the city was recently approved, but as the full ordinance came up for first reading this week, at least two parties expressed a desire to see some changes.  

While the rules allow for a little more leeway on commercial buildings, residential areas must keep the solar panels flat along the angle of the roof line.  Doug Bader of the Historical Preservation Committee says he would like to see even more restrictions.

Bader comments

On the other side of the issue, a business owner specializing in solar installations would like to see provisions to expedite the process of installing the equipment.  Alderman Mike Velloff suggested the ordinance be referred back to committee for further review.  The rest of the council chose to give it first reading and possibly refer it back in two weeks when the second reading comes up.

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