There is no truth to some recent postings on social media web sites regarding a string of animal mutiliations in the Riverbend. That's according to local law enforcement and animal control officials in Alton and Godfrey who say they are unaware of any such cases and chalk it up to potential Halloween hoax, or someone confusing the facts based on an actual case out of Edwardsville last month.

A couple of weeks ago, a group of teens broke into a home in Edwardsville to hold a party and while trashing the residence, abused and tortured two family pets. The homeowner and her son were out of town at the time. One of the Chihuahuas died as a result of its injuries, including being shot with a BB gun, and fed prescription drugs wrapped in cheese. One of the dogs also reportedly had it's nose almost completely cut off. The most recent local rumors indicated dogs being stolen from back yards, with the owners later finding them injured or killed, but local authorities say they have no evidence to show any such cases have occured.