Tom ThompsonThe Grafton City Council has decided not to pursue an Illinois Attorney General's Office investigation.  At this week's special meeting the possibility of doing so was among the agenda items, but Aldermen appear to have changed their minds after Jersey County State's Attorney Ben Goetten advised them of the consequences of such action.

Goetten addressed the council in closed session.  Once the meeting resumed in open session, City Attorney Jim Schrempf stated that he, at the suggestion of Alderman Steve Hayes, could contact the Illinois Municipal League in an effort to find someone that could act as a mediator of sorts.

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Schrempf tells The Big Z there are many issues at which the elected officials are at odds on, but feels it would be good for the city to let the past stay in the past.  Schrempf will now try to contact the IML in hopes of finding someone willing to put in the time to help Grafton move forward.


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