A Republican candidate for president is trying to engage Illinois’ Latino voters.   At an appearance in Elgin, billed as a town hall meeting for Latinos, Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich flung out his ideas to a mostly Caucasian crowd.  Roughly 300 people packed a hall at Judson University to listen to the former speaker of the House talk about religion and exploration of oil, among other topics.


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“People ask how can we find a common ground between Latino Americans and the Republican Party and my argument is that we start with the most basic of things that matter to people; family, jobs, take home pay, practical opportunity and we make sure that we reach out and that we talk with folks and that together we have a plan for a better future,” Gingrich said today (Thursday). He went on to talk about high gas prices and the need to create an American Energy Policy. He says the current administration has adopted the worst possible strategy when it comes to getting away from Middle East oil.   A number or republican candidates will be in Illinois in the coming days ahead of the Tuesday primary election.


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