Republic Services/Allied Waste is gearing up for a big change in trash pick-up for Alton in the New Year.   The city entered into a new agreement with the waste hauler earlier this year that will bring new trash and recycling cans for all homes, and a new way that waste will be picked up beginning in the spring.

Susan Piazza is public manager with Republic Services/Allied Waste, and says they will work with the city to begin distribution of the new cans in March with the hope of beginning the new automated system in April.


Piazza comment

Piazza says in addition to making the pick-up easier, they also hope to increase recycling rates.   She says in towns were the new larger bins are used; the number of residents that recycle has significantly increased.  Under the plan, each resident will receive both a 95-gallon trash can and a 95-gallon recycling can. Trash will still be picked up weekly, while recyclables will be gathered every other week.