Illinois has three new traffic laws on the books, signed Monday by the governor.  One law prohibits a court from granting supervision to a driver convicted of a traffic offense due to a fatal accident. “Court supervision is a way by which you get your license back and you pay a fine, you make have to do some community service, and I just think that that’s the wrong way to approach how we deal with individuals who have killed someone on our roads,” Secretary of State Jesse White said.
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The law was motivated by the death of Patricia McNamara near Huntley in McHenry County two years ago; the distracted driver in the case got supervision. (Effective: Jan. 1, 2014)   Another law says those under 18 can’t get a license or permit if they have unresolved tickets. This is a reaction to the case of a Kelsey Little, a teenager seriously injured in a crash in Minooka, in Grundy County, in 2011, involving a driver with a learner’s permit who got a license three days later. (Effective: immediately) The third law requires driver’s education for license applicants ages 18-21 who did not take driver’s ed when they were in school. (Effective: Jan. 1, 2014)
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