The Madison County Board is moving forward from the botched tax sale issue.  The board voted unanimously at its meeting yesterday to void the most recent delinquent tax sale and refund any fees and interest penalties from the point of the now voided sale onward.  However, those who have not yet paid the debt will have them moved to the next tax sale in February.

The finger pointing that followed the botched sale has apparently ended, with County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan saying all sides have come together and agreed to move forward from the mistakes that took place that should not happen again.  At issue was the fact that a judge did not sign off on the sale of the delinquent taxes, which is required by law.  The county treasurer blamed the state's attorney and county clerk for not filing the paperwork, while the state's attorney and the county board chairman blamed the county treasurer.  With yesterday's vote, the county will start over at a cost of about $280,000 plus legal fees.


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