Don’t expect to walk out of an Illinois driver’s facility this summer with a new identification or driver’s license. New standards to bring Illinois closer to federal mandates means you’ll have to wait up to two weeks for a permanent card while security checks are conducted.

Secretary of State Jesse White announced a new program he says brings Illinois closer to complying with the federal REAL ID Act.

Dave Druker, Secretary of State press secretary, said the new standards will help fight against fraud. “This should be a good effort in the fight against fake IDs and bad documents.”

Beginning this summer Illinoisans getting a new license will be issued a temporary paper ID and their old ID with a hole punched in it. They’ll then have to wait up to two weeks for their new ID card. TSA will accept the temporary IDs for air travel.

Illinois has until January 2018 to fully comply with the federal standards before air travelers with Illinois IDs are subject to more security screenings.

The estimated cost of the program will be $6 million a year. “Come 2020 it could reach the point of $10 million a year for a max of four years. Hopefully by that time there will be a budget,” Druker said. “This is ultimately an unfunded mandate from the federal government.”

The Secretary of State’s office says driver’s llicense and ID fees will remain unchanged.

The new Illinois standards will begin at the end of July.