Lottery scams have been around for years, but there is a disturbing new twist by those perpetrating the Jamaican Lottery scam.  In most lottery scams, if a perpetrator is given the cold shoulder by his potential victim, he or she will move on, but many of the people involved in this new scam threaten violence, which often results in victims being too scared to speak up.

As with other scams, the scammers say all you have to do to collect your winnings is to send them money for taxes, mailing fees, or some other bogus charge.  Better Business Bureau investigator Bill Smith says that is where things get hairy if you refuse.

Smith comments

Tip-offs may include references to a lottery or sweepstakes, unusual or increased phone activity, especially incoming calls from outside the United States, questions or talk about unusual cash transfers, or sudden, unexplained bouts of paranoia or secrecy, according to Smith.  To find out more, click on the link below, or call the BBB at 314-645-3300.

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