One of the leaders behind the Big Budget Summit Dec. 1 says the idea of “opening statements” in public, and the real meeting in private, is a loser.
Susan Garrett, chairwoman of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, says it's pointless for the governor and four legislative leaders to make speeches in front of a camera before the real negotiating – albeit, as a former lawmaker, she knows the real negotiating must be in private.
Still, she says an hour is not too much to ask. 

“The way the governor has currently set up this budget meeting allows, up front, one hour of individual commentary," says Garrett. "We are asking instead that the leaders and the governor actually get down to business and take care of the budget.” 


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She wants the first hour before Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposed pool camera.
The meeting is scheduled for the governor's office in Springfield the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.


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