Traffic is a big deal for the city of Fairview Heights in St. Clair County. The town is a major shopping hub for southwestern and southern Illinois and city leaders are looking at adding a new interchange off Interstate 64. The Federal Highway Administration has approved plans for a second exit but a city leader says the actual construction is still years away.

Although the plan is approved, the city has yet to secure any funding for the construction work. It must first decide if it wants to spend $2-3 million on an engineering study of the proposed exits which could be located at North Ruby Lane, Union Hill Road or Bunkham Road. Traffic tie-ups at the Highway 159 exit are nothing new, even with some improvements in recent years, getting off the highway can be a bit of a wait especially on the weekends and during the holiday season. St. Clair Square mall and numerous national and local retail stores and restaurants are located in the community which is a draw for people throughout the region.