Village Trustees have approved a new health insurance plan for Godfrey's non-union employees.  The trustees had already voted on a plan at the last meeting, but United Healthcare came back with a different set of numbers once the board had approved that plan two weeks ago, according to the village's insurance agent.  

The difference in opinion was apparently over the difference between a large group and a small group.  Although only 11 employees are covered by the group, United Healthcare figures the group based on the total number of people employed by the village, including part time and seasonal workers.  Insurance agent Jane Lewis says she told the agent they should honor their original quote.

Lewis comments

The plan that was approved includes a $3,000 deductible, and employees will now be responsible for their own prescription drug and doctor visit co-pays.  It will cost the village a little less than $101,000 to start, but could go up to $128,460 if all of those covered max out their deductibles, as the village picks up that cost.

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