A leadership change at the Illinois High School Association later this month.  Cambridge native Craig Anderson takes over as the organization’s Executive Director on January 15th.

"Those things that happen after the school day are such an important part of the development of kids," says Anderson.  "In my roles as a coach, then moving on as an athletic director, and in the last five years as an Assistant Executive Director, I just can't tell people enough what the value of those extra-curricular opportunities provide to kids.  It's tremendous what they do in shaping young people."

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Anderson replaces Marty Hickman, who’s been with the IHSA for 25 years.

"It's action-packed, and there's lots of things that are going on, and that's exactly what's happened here," says Hickman.  "We just roll from one season to another, until we get to the summer, take a deep breath, then we roll in to the fall and the winter and the spring again.  Having done that for the 25th time now...it's gone fast, but again, it's been really, really special."

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