Hydraulic fracturing is a danger to some and a job creator to others.  Testimony for and against a bill to regulate this process led to a unanimous vote for it in committee. State Rep. John Bradley (R-Marion) sponsored the bill. “If we can do that, we’re going to give this industry an opportunity to develop in a responsible manner and create jobs and economic development for our area,” Bradley said. “But first and foremost was protecting the water my kids drink.”

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Sandra Steingraber, founder of Concerned Health Professionals of New York, said there is no way to prevent the negative impact fracking will have in Illinois. “Regulations cannot prevent well casings from leaking as they age and fail,” Steingraber said. “They cannot prevent methane from migrating through underground faults or eliminate 24/7 noise pollution from drilling. Regulations cannot keep benzene from rising out of bore holes. There is no good storage solution for radioactive wastewater.”  SB 1715 has passed the House Executive Committee.
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