Given the New Year, it’s time for something new at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  For the past year, the museum has been displaying an artifact of the month, a series of objects acquired through the Taper Collection. The last significant artifact from that collection is on display this month. Then the artifact of the month series will go away.

But Dave Blanchette, spokesman for the library and museum, says there will be different pieces of Lincoln history on display each month, beginning with a copy of the 13th Amendment, which bears Lincolns signature, which will be on display in February.
Story summary
On display through January and closing out the artifact of the month series is a commissioner’s sale document which advertises the 1859 sale of three slaves in Lincoln’s place of birth, Hardin Country, Ky.  An irony is that Lincoln’s family had known the man conduction the sale. The document will remain on display through Jan. 31.