There’s an effort underway to try and reform the Statement of Economic Interests form that public servants must fill out.   The forms oftentimes don’t make much sense and don’t provide any tangible information. Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon is trying to change that. She has been pushing a bill that would make the annual questionnaire easer to fill out and more meaningful all in the hopes of providing more transparency to the taxpayers.
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“It is just not effective. It is not effective disclosure and if we had effective disclosure we would be able to do a better job of telling whether public servants are actually that, whether they are public servants or serving themselves,” Simon said during a luncheon with the City Club of Chicago.  The bill has passed through committee but hasn’t been called for a vote. Simon says she has talked to Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) who has indicated he is interested in the bill.  Simon says the good news is that most public servants are in it to help others and not just themselves.
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