The authority to establish a charter school would belong to the local school board, under a bill which passed the House with nary a vote to spare.  “This bill would remove the ability of any state entity to overturn a decision of a local school board to deny a charter school application,” said the sponsor, State Rep. Emmanuel “Chris” Welch (D-Hillside). “This initiative would create a charter school application process where only locally elected school boards and parents could decide if a charter school is good for their community.”
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The appeal under Welch's plan would simply involve the courts, and State Rep. Anna Moeller (D-Elgin) said that did not sound good. “I personally was involved a couple of years ago in my community in bringing a charter school that was rejected by the school board,” she said. “I am concerned the change in the process would be a deterrent to future applications that are made by community groups and parents.”
When another representative pointed out only a couple of appeals under the current process have been successful, Welch said it's proof that local boards get it right; all the more reason to cast a Yes vote.
HB 397 has passed the House, 60-40-2.
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