The ribbon has been cut on a new booster station at Godfrey's La Vista Park that will tie into Illinois American Water's Alton District's water distribution system.  The water company invested about $980,000 into the project that will keep the water flowing north of Godfrey to Elsah and Grafton and Jersey Rural Water District, according to a company spokesman.


The new booster station will enhance water pressure, fire protection, and water quality to customers.  There are increased water needs that converge in this area, and Illinois American Spokesman Karen Cotton says upgrades to the system will hopefully address the issue of the aging infrastructure. 



Cotton comments


Grafton recently upgraded its water service after years of dealing with boil orders from their old well-fed grid.  Godfrey is looking at expansion in the northwest corner of the Village, and is adding infrastructure to the area in hopes of attracting business and residential growth.