Illinois’ Route 66 is haunted, according to an author.  The road itself is constructed along predecessor roads, which were established along so-called energy lines, says Janice Tremeear, author of Illinois’ Haunted Route 66.  “People just naturally gravitated to – the Native Americans, over in England a lot of those are the graveyard paths in between the towns to where they would carry the coffins, they were called coffin roads – and they just seemed to just naturally gravitate toward and follow whatever their instincts told them were natural energy lines,” she said.
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That energy, she says, attracts UFO sightings, unexplained animal sightings and sightings of monsters, as well as ghost cars and hitchhikers.  The book also details some of the supposedly haunted places in towns along Route 66, including Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, the old Joliet Prison, the Inn at 831 in Springfield, and Harpo Studios in Chicago, a former armory that was used as a morgue for some of the 844 people killed when the SS Eastland sank in the Chicago River in 1915.
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