If you want to insult the chef at one of the better family-owned Italian restaurants, mention the Olive Garden. Now you know how Joe Caccavella feels about a new law which combines some of the licensing elements of barbering and cosmetology. Not only are they distinct practices, Caccavella says, it further blurs the line between his old-line family shop and the likes of a chain barbershop in the mall.

“This law will hurt the barbering industry, and, basically, kind of dumb down what the barbering career has been to be more of – I hate to say it – a SuperCuts, unisex level,” says Caccavella.

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Caccavella says a barbershop such as his Joe’s Barber Shop Chicago is one of the few remaining places where a man can walk in and be a man – Caccavella won't even hire a female barber.

In addition to maintaining the tradition as a third-generation barber at his shop, Caccavella is founder of the Chicago Barbers Association, a fledgling trade group.

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