Every Friday during Let's Talk Special Edition, we ask listeners four questions as part of the Friday Morning Poll.  Today's topics included Albert Pujols, raises for public school teachers, and the allegations against presidential candidate Herman Cain.

In light of the state's fiscal woes, do you think teachers are justified in seeking raises?


Yes - 36%                                                   

No - 64%                                           


Are the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain credible?


Yes  - 64%                                                  

No  - 27%                                         

Don't know - 9%


What's you best guess, will Pujols stay or go?


Stay - 45%                                              

Go - 55%                                          


When you watch movies at home, do you rent, borrow, or use on-demand?


Rent - 55%                           

Borrow - None                       

On-demand - 9%              

Buy - 18%

None - 18%