Plans by a neighborhood bar to expand have some residents of one Wood River neighborhood concerned about what may be unintended consequences of the project.  The city's plan commission gave the owners of The Franchise Sports Bar & Grill approval to construct a beer garden, but those that live behind the bar say that will just add to headaches they already deal with.

Betty Graham says one of her main concerns is over the noise.

Graham comments

Another concern is over trash.  Robert Graham says it is not unusual for trash to collect along the fence line, and they are also dealing with foul odors.  Mayor Fred Ufert says the bar will have to abide by the city's ordinances and he will address their concerns.  A beer garden in Wood River can only be open between 10am and 10pm.  Another bar along Edwardsville Road is hoping to re-open soon.  The former Daddie-O's is now under new management, and will be called The Rubber Duck.

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