Utilities say there is plenty of natural gas to meet demand in the coming winter heating season.  Speaking on behalf of all gas carrying utilities, Ken Dothage, Ameren gas supply manager, told the Illinois Commerce Commission that utilities are “flush” with natural gas and prices should be similar to what they were last year. He says prices are stable because of the global recession and the continued development of shale oil and shale gas fields.



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For example, Ameren customers on average paid 61 cents per therm last year. This year the average price should be just a penny higher at 62 cents per therm.  While there was talk of possible shortages a few years ago, Dothage says gas prices are expected to remain reasonably priced through 2018.  Leigh Morris, Ameren spokesman, says even with stable natural gas prices, it’s no time to let your guard down. More on energy savings can be found online at Ameren’s energy saving site at www.ActOnEnergy.com.


(Illinois Radio Network)