In what is thought to be the last major protest of the NATO summits, demonstrators protested outside Boeing's headquarters in downtown Chicago.   Protesters with the Occupy Chicago movement organized the protest over the company's role in building airplanes for the U.S. military. About 200 people gathered outside Boeing's headquarters, completely blocking traffic. Some protesters blew bubbles toward the building, while others wore party hats and some tossed confetti or released balloons.


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Talk from protestors focused on Boeing’s financial gains, which in turn, were a loss for the public. “In 2001 Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago from Seattle in a deal that gave them a 20 year exemption from property taxes,” said one unidentified protestor. “That deal cost Illinois taxpayers $60 million.” Protestors went on to say that the uncollected taxes from Boeing could’ve served an additional 16,000 Medicaid clients.   Occupy Chicago didn't have a permit for Monday's march and they are taking credit for Boeing telling its workers to stay home Monday.


Chicago Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy says overall, the protests weren’t as big as predicted by some. “This has not been a big event that people anticipated it to be,” McCarthy said. “Obviously the crowd sizes have not been what people predicted.” He says that what was predicted and has happened was to facilitate the first amendment rights of protestors while preventing criminal behavior.   After protesting outside of Boeing, demonstrators moved on through the city to the president’s Chicago campaign headquarters where they chanted “this is what democracy looks like.”


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