It's not Floyd from Mayberry, or Ice Cube and the guys from the movies -- this is serious! The Peoria Barber College, the nation's oldest one of its kind, is back in business.

Established in 1897, it's open for the first time in more than a year, thanks to Melvin Murry, who owns an auto body shop nearby.

“I feel like for every kid that I can get through the program and graduate, there's one more productive citizen in America,” he says.

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There's a class of ten but a capacity of 25.

“The students cut hair at a discounted rate,” Murry adds. “They have to have 1500 hours” over the year or so of the program.

Barbering, Murry says, is practically recession-proof.

“Even when the economy's bad, people do things to make themselves look better.”


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