The newest major general in the U.S. Army used his promotion ceremony to show how grounded he is. Gen. Richard Hayes, Jr., the adjutant general of the Illinois National Guard, says his wife, Danette, is the real heroine, holding down the home front while he has deployed to such places as Kosovo and New Orleans. That post-Katrina service was cited by Gov. Bruce Rauner in lauding Hayes before awarding him a second star.

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“The key thing that I took away from that,” Hayes said after the ceremony, was “you can't wait until the day a disaster happens to get to 1) know each other; but then to 2) visualize problems that a disaster could bring, and then to think through those problems ahead of time, so when it does come, you have a plan in place.” Hayes notes the Guard is now working on a post-earthquake drill, as if the New Madrid Fault were to sustain a 7.7 quake.

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