Hundreds gathered in front of the state Capitol Tuesday to protest the potential closure of the Illinois State Museum system.

The roughly $4 million line item is threatened as lawmakers and the governor can't come to a budget agreement... and you have to cut somewhere. Erika Holst, a Springfield resident who's been going to the museums for 30 years, says it's about more than dollars and cents.

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“It’s the best of us,” Holst said shortly after she stepped off the podium in front of the state Capitol building. “It’s everything we’ve learned over seven generations, preserved so the future can learn from it and build on it. It’s a much broader issue than a momentary hiccup in the budget.”

Holst isn't as concerned for herself as she is for her 3 year old son, Anders, who loves the museum's main campus in Springfield. She dreads having to explain to him why the museum is closed.

She doesn't think he'll understand "unfunded pension liabilities" and "overdue Medicaid bills."


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