Even in a brutal war, the battle was brutal, and it started 65 years ago.

November 27, 1950, marked the start of the two-week Battle of Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War. Even though eighty percent of the American and allied forces were wounded, killed, or missing, one historian says there is a miraculous aspect to it.

“Their situation is so dire,” says Korean War National Museum manager Thomas Kenny, “but they were really able to rally themselves and fight back towards the port and saving hundreds of lives by their willpower to get back to the port and to evacuate.”


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The troops were not prepared for the weather.

“The soldiers experienced temperatures, some up to forty below zero,” says Kenny, who adds this led to the development of so-called “Mickey Mouse” boots. Some soldiers suffered severe frostbite.

The museum, which Kenny says fits Springfield because of its population of and attraction to veterans, is on the south side of the Old State Capitol Plaza.


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