Illinois’ comptroller continues to beat back criticism that she’s in lock step with the governor at all times.

Leslie Munger has repeatedly called on lawmakers and Governor Bruce Rauner to come to a budget agreement so she can pay service providers what they need. But she wants Rauner’s turnaround agenda to be part of that discussion.

As a Rauner appointee, is she just saying what the governor’s telling her to? No, she says she really believes in his ideas.

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“I believe it because I lived it in my business career, we need to get a growing economy,” Munger says. “That’s not a long term thing. We doubled the size of the business I was responsible for in one year. You have to put in place the conditions to make that possible.”

Munger also thinks the governor’s child care cuts are too deep, and she reminded reporters she wouldn’t follow his executive orders when she felt they’d violate federal law.


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