Sixty people in the Champaign-Urbana have been reported since April as having the mumps -- most of whom are University of Illinois students.   
While Champaign-Urbana Public Health District Epidemiologist AwaisBaid says he's concerned since the number is so high, there is a bright side. 
"None of the cases have been severe, or with any complications.  So that's a good thing," says Baid.  "Most all of [the students] were vaccinated."
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Baid says you get two mumps vaccinations when you're younger.  He says he's supposed to hear in a few days from the Centers for Disease Control whether or not a campus-wide booster shot will be recommended.
Symptoms are mostly flu-like, aside from swelling below the jaw.  Baid says his department is urging students to do something about it if they think they have the mumps. 
"Get it checked out.  There's a simple test where the results come back in 24 hours; it tells you if you have the mumps or not," says Baid.  "If you have the mumps, especially when you start below-the-jaw swelling, you should try to exclude yourself from all social settings -- pretty much self-isolation -- for about five days."
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