A staple of the Alton Expo was the popular mud volleyball tournament.  Teams from around the region would play volleyball in mud pits at Riverfront Park every September until the Expo ceased to exist about 15 years ago.  While there are no plans to restart the Expo, mud volleyball will be coming back to Alton in about a month.

The inaugural Red Shield Mud Bug Classic Mud Volleyball Tournament will be held June 10 - 12 at Gordon Moore Park.  It will be a fundraiser for the Alton Salvation Army's homeless ministry and outreach, according to the agency's Director of Community Outreach Greg Gelzinnis.

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There will also be an authentic crawfish boil at the event.  Early bird registration is open through May 27 if you would like to get a team together.  For more information call 618-465-7764, or 618-550-9291.


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