The Move to Amend group is trying to make their message heard in Illinois.  Facing snow, wind and the cold, about 60 people backing the Move to Amend effort gathered outside of the federal courthouse in Chicago to show their discontent with Citizens United, a 2010 decision where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as people when it comes to donating to political campaigns.


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Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of the court ruling.  Steve Alesch of Warrenville says it’s not an anti-corporation movement. “We don’t want corporations dominating our government,” Alesch said. “By the U.S. Constitution, it states corporations are not people. We’re people.”   Move to Amend wants to amend the Constitution to affirm that humans, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights. Many in the movement also want public financing of campaigns and better transparency. Today’s gathering in Chicago was in conjunction with a nationwide Move to Amend effort, “Occupy the Courts.”


(Illinois Radio Network)