Visitors to the Ewing Manor in Bloomington will get to see more of the historic home than ever before.  Public tours at the 1920s mansion had been limited to the main floor. This year, however, rooms that used to house staff offices have been restored to how they looked when Davis and Hazle Buck Ewing lived there, including their bedrooms and Davis’s study.
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Toni Tucker, director of the Ewing Cultural Center, says that will give visitors more insight into what it was like to be wealthy in Central Illinois in that era.  “So adding the bedrooms onto the tour and the third floor studio, really gives you a better peek into how the family lived, more of their personal space,” Tucker said.
Tucker says much of the home is still off limits; out of the mansion’s 44 rooms, only 14 of them are included on the tour.  One new addition to the tour is outside the home—the Ewing family’s stable, which was restored by local Boy Scouts.  Tours at Ewing Manor are available from 4 to 6 p.m. on Mondays through October.
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