Several taxing bodies would like public input on their proposed tax levies for the coming fiscal year. The Village of Roxana, East Alton Wood River High School, and the Roxana School District will all hold public hearing next week on the proposed levy that will be in place for next year. Many are hopeful that while levies might go up, the new ConocoPhillips expansion will actually help lower property taxes.

The refinery is completing a $3 billion expansion that is expected to increase its property value, and increase how much surrounding taxing bodies will receive in tax revenue. Most anticipate significant increases, and are meeting with the refinery in order to determine the final number it can expect. The Roxana Village Board holds a hearing this Monday night at 6:30, the East Alton Wood River High School District Board meets Tuesday at 6pm, and the Roxana School Board will hold its hearing before the regular monthly school board meeting next Thursday, December 15. All are expected to ask for at least a 5-percent increase in the levy, and by law must hold the public hearing. But all entities are expecting their portion of the property tax bill to decrease next year.