In a case that some have called “life changing,” the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a federal ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional.   Cory Jobe, a Springfield alderman, says now Illinois must look after its citizens and have legal protections set, by passing the marriage equality bill. Jobe says to do this there must be a human face attached to the issue.
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“I’m a Downstate openly gay elected official. I happen to be Republican and I know a lot of Republicans come to the table,” Jobe said.  Scott Cross of Organizing for Action Springfield says the court decision will likely sway some lawmakers' votes on same-sex marriage.  “It’s a conservative kind of value when you look at it. The nuclear family, two-parent households, people raising children together -- that’s all we want.  We want the thousand federal benefits in the state of Illinois that residents now in New York and California will enjoy,” Cross said.

The same-sex marriage bill passed the Illinois Senate this year, but it was not called for a vote in the House.
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