While the U.S. Supreme Court has issued two rulings favorable to same-sex marriage, it may or may not bring Illinois closer to legalizing it. Same-sex marriage champion Bernard Chekasov of Equality Illinois praises the rulings but says they don’t mean much until or unless Illinois legalizes same-sex marriage.  “The Illinois legislature adjourned without passing the marriage bill,” he said.
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“Illinois couples who want to get the crucial, urgent federal protection need to travel to other states” to get married. Cherkasov is the group’s chief executive.  The Chicago-based religious freedom advocacy group Thomas More Society expressed disappointment through its vice president and senior counsel, Peter Breen.  “We were of the belief that the court had great arguments in front of it to uphold the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman,” Breen said, adding that his organization’s point in the debate is to protect children who, he says, fare best when in a family with two heterosexual parents.  As for Illinois, the same-sex marriage bill passed the Senate in February and never got called in the House.
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