More people are recycling these days, so a local company that serves more than 200,000 households is getting ready to make a major investment to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Republic Services, which has 27,000 commercial and industrial accounts in the St. Louis region, including Alton, is investing $19-million in revolutionizing its recycling centers in North and South St. Louis County.

The recycling picked up from Alton goes to the Hazelwood plant, which Brent Batliner, Business Development Recycling Manager, says will be sorted by a series of screens, conveyors, magnets, and some other high-tech equipment.

Batliner comments

The new technology will make the sorting process more efficient, enabling Republic to triple its recycling capacity to as much as 30 tons per hour. The company expects to hire up to 20 new local employees when renovations are complete.

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