Efforts to allow more recall elections in Illinois appear focused on the Mayor of Chicago, but state lawmakers may have overlooked a different recall bill introduced earlier this year.
State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) filed legislation in March to allow local elected officials in all municipalities with populations under 25,000. It’s been sitting in the House Rules Committee ever since.
Now, Democrats and Republicans have signed onto a separate bill to allow Chicago’s mayor to be recalled as a reaction to the calls for current mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign over how he handled the Laquan McDonald shooting. Batinick thinks a broader, statewide solution is needed.

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“What I don’t like about the way we legislate in Illinois is we seem to put out fires. Instead of being proactive, we’re always reactive,” Batinick said. “If we’re going to do a recall bill, let’s do a recall bill for everybody because five years from now, it might be the Mayor of Springfield. It might be a fire board guy, it might somebody from some other department.”
Batinick thinks any talk of recall may lead to legislators reconsidering the requirements for how governors can be recalled. He thinks the current standards—needing the support of 20 members of the House and 10 from the Senate, equally split between the parties, before petitions can be circulated—is the wrong way to go, saying recall efforts should be “100 percent citizen-driven.” 


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