The recent announcement regarding the plan to build a Multimodal Transportation Facility in Alton focused mostly on the high-speed rail aspect of the plan. While that is much of the attraction, the fact that there will be bus service incorporated into the master plan is just as big of a deal to many in the ecotourism business, see this as a facility with great potential.

The plan was approved for a $13.85-million TIGER Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation in December. Add to that $7.4-million from IDOT, and the local share, and a new facility is expected to be operational by 2014. Madison County Transit spokesman SJ Morrison says this will be the final high-speed stop before travelers proceed to St. Louis.

Morrison comments

The plan is to build a facility to handle the new high-speed rail service and bus traffic on the back side of the Wadlow Municipal Golf Course property along the Homer Adams Parkway. This will be a more centralized area for rail passengers than the current train station on College Avenue, which has been in service for a number of decades.