More people are moving out of Illinois than are moving in, at least among those who hire professional movers and are moving within the country, according to the annual United Van Lines report on domestic migration patterns based on their bookings. Of those moving into or out of Illinois last year, 59 percent were out, the second-highest ratio in the country behind New Jersey, says spokesman Melissa Sullivan.

“People in general are moving (from) the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, and moving more south and west, and that’s not a new trend. That’s something that we’ve seen for quite a while now,” she said.

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Among neighboring states, Wisconsin (45 percent to 55 percent) and Kentucky (44.7-55.3) were also characterized high move-out states, while Indiana (two more outbound moves than inbound), Iowa (five more) and Missouri 45.9-54.1) were losers too, but closer to 50-50.

New Jersey saw outbound moves surpass inbound by a 37.7-to-62.3 ratio. The state with the highest ratio of inbound moves was Oregon (60.7-39.3), though the District of Columbia had an inbound ratio of 63.9 to 36.1.

In 2011, Illinois had the highest outbound ratio in the nation.

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