Illinois’ House minority leader is pushing pension reform legislation.  The bill that lawmakers will consider when they return to Springfield Jan. 31, S.B. 512, would step up state funding for pensions, to overcome decades of under-funding.  It also would give state workers the option of increasing their contributions, or taking diminished benefits, or going into a 401(k)-type program.



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House Minority Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego, pictured) says he can commit 30 votes to the measure, and he hopes that Democrats will commit 30 votes.  He’s optimistic because the House speaker is a co-sponsor, but he says details are still being ironed out.  Cross says there’s no sense pressing for a vote on the bill unless support is lined up. He says this is a real problem that must be addressed in a real way, and mustn’t be the subject of political gamesmanship.  The governor and the Illinois Senate president worry whether changes to pension plans for current state workers are constitutional.


(Illinois Radio Network)