A state senator suggests pension restructuring legislation will come despite, rather than because of, the governor sending lawmakers to bed without their paychecks.  “In order to do it right, you actually have to know what the results are going to be,” said State Sen. Mike Frerichs (D-Champaign) about the wait for actuarial projections on some of the ideas. “That takes a couple of weeks to score, and so the governor's sort of arbitrary deadline didn't make sense to me.”
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Frerichs says the governor's suspension of lawmakers' pay is a “distraction” and a “stunt.” While some political watchers argue that Quinn is making political points with his decision, Frerichs says the people who contact his office would not agree.  “What they want,” said Frerichs, “is for the legislature and the governor to work together to create solutions that are going to allow this state to move forward, to grow economically, to invest in education.”  Frerichs is considering a bid for state treasurer next year.
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