Some lawmakers doubt there will be movement on pensions before the end of the year.  Gov. Pat Quinn is hoping lawmakers will take up public pension reform before the Veto Session adjourns, but State Sen. Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) doubts that will happen.
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“You know we’re past the election. Everyone always says the easiest time to pass something hard is during the Lame Duck Session and I guess what concerns me is I don’t see a lot of effort of trying to put something together to make a real run at it now,”  Murphy said.
The sooner lawmakers move on pension reform, the sooner the state can begin to right the fiscal ship. Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be movement on gambling expansion legislation. Quinn says lawmakers must deal with pensions first. “Well I don’t think we should be doing legislation on gambling until we deal with eating our vegetables and spinach, and that’s reforming our whole pension system,” Quinn said.  Murphy says he doesn’t think talk of gambling expansion will come up in Springfield this week.
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