More people are passing the G.E.D. test, now that it’s being given on computers.   The test for a high school equivalency diploma was given on computer last year for the first time, and next year, it’ll always be on computer, and the results are interesting.
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“The pass rate for those who sit for the test is about 71 percent on paper, and then after our first year of offering the test on computer last year, we found that the people who take it on computer are passing at 88 percent,” said C.T. Turner of the G.E.D. Testing Service.
In Illinois, 27,000 applicants sat for the test last year, and 16,000 passed – a mere 59 percent pass rate, though 94 percent passed at least one of the subjects. Illinois has 1.65 million people over age 16 who are out of high school and who lack a diploma and could take the G.E.D. test.
The computer version of the G.E.D. test is not a take-home on-line test; it’s still give in a proctored environment. It’s a 7½-hour test that costs $120.
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