Thursday we heard from African American clergy who urged lawmakers to vote in favor of same-sex marriage, and Friday a group of pastors against the idea have vocalized their stance.  The group of pastors met with Cardinal Francis George, the archbishop of Chicago, to reaffirm their opposition to gay marriage and to insist they aren’t trying to deny anyone their civil rights because the Bible and the teachings of God are what define marriage.
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“Civil rights and human rights are indeed something to be enjoyed by American citizens,” said Bishop Lance Davis, pastor of the New Zion Christian Fellowship Church in Dolton. “We don’t particularly like the language of civil rights and human rights as it relates to same-sex marriage because human rights and civil rights have been violated within our community for scores of year, for decades. And so for us to then start looking at the civil rights of someone else based upon redefining the Bible and not look at the civil rights of our children who just want to live, who just want to go to school, who just want to have a decent life - for us to then bypass their civil rights and jump to the civil rights that’s centered around redefining the Bible, we consider that to be wrong.”
Pastor Andrew Singleton of the Victory Apostolic Church in Matteson, says Thursday’s press conference by clergy in support of gay marriage doesn’t represent the views of the majority. “There were a group of ministers who stated that there were a number of ministers who are in favor [of same-sex marriage] and that was on television yesterday and I knew then I needed to be in a position where people understand I’m not in that group along with those that are behind me and many, many thousands of other ministers,” Singleton said.
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