The reports of possible sexual misconduct by former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert are hard for one of his former pupils to believe.
Hastert has been charged with lying to federal investigators about the nature of $1.7 million in cash withdrawals, which were supposedly used to conceal sexual abuse against a male student he knew during his time as a teacher and wrestling coach at Yorkville High School.
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Hastert worked there from 1965 until entering politics in 1981. Gary Matlock, a state champion wrestler under Hastert, says he doesn’t believe the reports about a man he considered to be like a second dad.
“I saw him in the classroom and in the athletic fields more than I saw my own father,” Matlock said.
Matlock said there was “no hanky-panky, no gossip, no nothing” from Hastert’s time at the school that would lead him to believe these allegations.
Since being charged, Hastert has resigned from several board positions, and Wheaton College is removing his name from its public policy center.
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